This Truck Was Converted Into a Professional Wedding Portrait Studio

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Move over food trucks, there’s a new truck in town – a wedding truck, that is. On June 4 and 5, couples left City Hall in New York City, certificates in hand, and headed across the street for a free photo session with renowned photojournalist Joe McNally, who collaborated with Nikon to capture around 75 couples after they said “I do.”

“I’ve shot everything from politics to celebrities, but I’ve always enjoyed shooting weddings for my friends,” McNally says. “At city hall, I was struck by how much joy there was, how diverse it was and the fact that everybody was just there to declare their love for somebody else and it didn’t matter who that was.”

Brides and grooms prepped for their moments at a makeup tent, then hopped in a truck bed where McNally snapped shots, shouting “Stay right there! Keep moving!” in true photographer fashion.

Here, we caught up with a few couples and learned that getting married works up an appetite:

The Couple: Jenna Waters and Carl Waters


Why did you choose to get married at city hall?

Jenna: Convenience and saving. I’m not a big planner.

How did you like the non-traditional setting for the photographs?

Carl: It was fun. It was better than having him do photos (points to his friend). I got to put some makeup on.

What are you going to do after this?

Jenna: We’re going to eat. We’re starving.

Carl: We actually have a big thing set up for Sunday since I have a lot of friends coming from Ireland. But, city hall isn’t opened on Sunday so I kind of messed that one up.

The Couple: Justin Green and Adam Morgan-Green


Why did you choose to get married at city hall?

Justin: We’re actually from Tennessee and it’s not legal there yet so we had to come here. We did a big wedding ceremony back home with our friends and family and then we came here to make it official.

What are you going to do after this?

Adam: We’re going to have a glass of champagne and cheesecake.

The Couple: Kamilla Monterrosa and Maynor Monterrosa


Why did you choose to get married at city hall?

Maynor: It just seemed like something different, more intimate and an exciting thing to do.

Kamilla: We’re going to move to Miami and I wanted to make this a memory of New York. I’ve lived here for more than six years.

What are you going to do after this?

Maynor: We’re going to go eat and drink. We’re hungry.

The Couple: Fatima Lemus and Hector Mejia


Why did you choose to get married at city hall?

Hector: Well, why not?

Fatima: We live in Manhattan.

What are you going to do after this?

Hector: To go eat dinner with the family.


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